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ICE Study Guide May 2012
You will find resources used by seasoned and intentional witnesses for preparing the community and sharing the gospel in communities across America. Some of the topics covered are “Taking Prayer to the Streets”, “Devotions to strengthen the soul winner,” “How to overcome Hindrances to Reaching Your Community,” and “How to Strengthen the New Believer.”

ICE Resources
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 ***All books by Dr. Benavides are available on www.amazon.com

ICE Resources

Empowered to Evangelize

Intentional Community Evangelism: Empowered to Evangelize – This work book will move the reader toward being intentionally about sharing the gospel, praying for lost people to be saved, spiritual warfare and how to overcome it, reproducing intentional witnesses for Christ. This can be used as a self study or in a group study.

Intentional Community Evangelism:  click on picture of book to order copies or go to www.amazon.com to order copies; to schedule a One Day Intentional Community Evangelism Clinic go to the contact page.

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Victor Benavides’s Breaking the Evangelism Code is simply the best, most useful, and most trustworthy personal evangelism text available today. I require it of my students and recommend it to others with confidence. In fact, I volunteer now to serve as president of the Breaking the Evangelism Code fan club! Readers will learn from this work how to do personal evangelism in all situations from someone who is a zealous and effective practitioner of its principles.

David Mills, Ph.D., Th.M. Assistant Professor of Evangelism, Associate Dean for Applied Ministry, RoyFishSchool of Evangelism & Missions,              Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Dr. Benavides in his book Breaking the Evangelism Code answers the questions of the critiques of biblical and traditional evangelistic methodology which has come under fire in the contemporary church. Three words describe his treatise, Simple, Straightforward and Scriptural. I recommend that you read this new book on evangelism.

Dr. Preston Nix Professor of Evangelism, Director of the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Growth,  New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


Breaking the Evangelism Code: Evangelism Today, by Dr. Victor H. Benavides, is a refreshing read on personal evangelism.  God is going to fan the flame of evangelism in your heart, just as He did in mine, reading through this book.  I pray that through this complete book on evangelism, that God will encourage, enlighten and excite His church, to once again, be actively inviting others to come to Jesus!

Ernest Easley, Senior Pastor, Roswell Street Baptist Church, Marietta, GA – Chairman of the Southern Baptist Executive Committee Trustees

Breaking the Evangelism Code: Evangelism Today is required text for evangelism classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Facts and Trends Magazine: Fall 2012


The Prepared Witness: A 30 Evangelistic Devotional 







The Prepared Witness is a devotional to help you gain knowledge and the boldness to become a New Testament witness. This devotional is loaded with biblical examples of New Testament evangelism and God’s promises to empower you to witness. Your boldness and passion will grow as you read each day of “The Prepared Witness.”


“If you have desire to become a soul winner, then you will want to read this 30 day devotional. If you struggle with the sharing your faith, then you will want to allow God to use “The Prepared Witness.” He will shape, develop your heart and passion to become His witness. I strongly encourage you to read this 30 day devotional and allow God to grow you into His prepared witness.

Dr. Ernest L. Easley, Senior Pastor Roswell Street Baptist Church Marietta, GA


Discipleship Resources

Simple Discipleship book





“Churches using the Simple Discipleship resources are seeing a 15% growth each year.” If you are serious about seeing sustainable growth in your church you will want to use and apply these principles by Dr. Tom Cocklereece, pastor, author, coach.






GRACE EVANGELISM - Salvation is based on God’s GRACE. He gives you the faith to believe, trust and to receive Jesus Christ by faith, Ephesians 2:8-9.  This is an eight week study with short 15 to 20 minutes sessions. GRACE stands for

  • God’s Purpose 
  • The Right Way to God and The Wrong Way to God
  • Everyone will give an Account to God 
  • Christ Jesus paid for our sins 
  • You can have Eternal Life.

To schedule a training for a GRACE Evangelism Workshop contact us at email evangeman@comcast.net,  to order copies go to www.amazon.com.

All books by Dr. Benavides are available on www.amazon.com


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