Intentional Community Evangelism/ICE

How it Works
Stamp of Approval

How it Works

ICE stands for “Intentional Community Evangelism.” It is an evangelism initiative of the to equip believers and churches to connect with their community and intentionally reach the lost and unchurched with the good news about Jesus Christ.

The churches are equipped and trained through practicum through hands on coaching in the church’s mission field. Trainings and evangelism coaching is conducted through a One Day Evangelism Workshop or in a weekend evangelism and Revive Conference.

ICE can revitalize your people and your church. Your church could experience a transformation in its DNA and become more evangelistic in nature and ministry. Depending on the evangelistic DNA of a church implementation of the ICE strategy and trainings is usually over the span of 9 to 12 months.

Stamp of Approval


I just wanted to drop a note to Thank you for sacrificing your busy schedule to spend the whole day teaching and inspiring our Pastors and Church Planters in “Taking the Gospel to The Streets.”

I have been getting many text and emails from those who attended, you really connected with them in a personal way which is resulting in serious Personal and Ministerial reflective changes. You have set the bar for those who will be following you. My Table Facilitators are already beginning to follow up with their group of pastors…for accountability.

Ted Knapp, Director of Missions, LAX Urban Center, West Los Angeles, California


“Dr. Victor Benavides is the greatest compassionate soul winner/trainer in America today. He is a discipler and leader of men and women. He is also a gifted as a writer of evangelistic principles and training manuals. I have learned a great amount from him in the last ten years and I have been in evangelism over thirty years. The best thing I can say about Victor is he loves Jesus…”

 Rev. David Cobb Evangelistic Association


“Victor is a man with a deep passion for souls. I have learned valuable lessons about faith-sharing from a man who habitually has broken the culture barrier in urban communities throughout the United States in an effort to effectively offer the gospel of Christ to the poor and broken. I openly recommend my brother and friend in Jesus to you with confidence.”

 John B. Brittain, Ph.D. Executive Director, Arundel Baptist Association



Cross Point Baptist Church, Perry, GA

We invited our unchurched next door neighbors, Jeff, Beth and their son Jacob to The Passion and to our church. Jeff and Beth recently got back together. They divorced a few years ago and my wife and I suggested it may be time to make ANOTHER decision. We used, or left, some materials Victor brought. They were very cordial and seemed receptive.

We also invited Larry and Kay, next door to Jimmy and Linda, to come and watch The Passion. This week we plan to visit some more families on our street one being a single woman and the other a family of four.. Hopefully we are on a roll. Please pray for us. (Bill and  Solange)


Dr. Victor Benavides was invited by the LAX Urban Center Association and Ted Knapp, Director of Missions, to  conduct two sessions for Pastors and Church Planters. Dr. Benavides shared on the importance of Strategy development and Implementation for evangelizing the lost with the gospel, praying down strongholds in the harden communities and how to disciple people through various avenues. Dr. Benavides, conducted a 8:30 am to 11:30 am session followed by a 6 pm to 9 pm session for Church Planters.


Dr. Victor Benavides was the guest Revivalist and Evangelist invited by Pastor Mike Williams. This church restart had declined to 40 people several years ago. As part of the restart process, Dr. Benavides preached on Sunday morning and conducted an evangelism workshop about a year ago. Then Pastor Williams invited Dr. Benavides to preach the four-day five sermon revival. Eight people indicated that they had trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior and seven made recommitments to Christ. The church was challenged to get out gospel tracts and invite their lost friends and family to attend the revival. Pastor Williams and some of the church members said that “Grace Baptist church would not be the same because of the revival emphasis.”



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